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Terms Of Adoption

A: I agree to provide the animal proper shelter, nutrition and humane treatment. *** The following (b and c) pertain to cats only ***

B: I agree that this animal will be kept indoors.

C: I will never declaw the cat. I understand that declawing (onychectomy) is an amputation of the joint and can cause numerous painful and irreversible physical and behavioral problems.

D: I agree to comply with all state and local laws pertaining to ownership of the animal, including licensing.

E: I agree that this animal will not be used for research or medical experimentation.

F: I understand that pet ownership is a long-term commitment for the life of the pet. In the event I can no longer keep this animal, I will return the animal to Purrfect Angels Animal Rescue at 972 896-7959.

Veterinary Care: I understand that any veterinary bills I incur after adoption are my responsibility.

Breach of Agreement: In the event I am unable or unwilling to comply with the terms of the adoption agreement, Purrfect Angels Animal Rescue may rescind this agreement and promptly take ownership of the animal. I agree to pay any court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees for Purrfect Angels Animal Rescue’s enforcement of this adoption agreement.

No Liability: I agree Purrfect Angels Animal Rescue is not liable to me or any other party for any losses, injuries, damages, expenses, judgements or any other liabilities whatsoever in connection with the adoption.

Apartments: (This applies to only perspective adoptees that live in apartments.) My apartment complex does accept pets and I am aware there may be a pet deposit that I am willing to pay.


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